Spice Up any Event Venue with these “Venue Hacks”

Sometimes, the perfect event venue can transform a good event, into a spectacular one. But as event planners, we know that getting the “perfect” event venue isn’t always a possibility.

That’s why we believe that it’s just as important to be able to dress up any event location, and turn it into an amazing venue for your event.  These are some of our favourite “venue hacks”.

Create Shapes, Flow and Patterns with Fabrics

Fabrics, combined with good lighting, can create an added sense of depth, class and liveliness to even the simplest event venue. Fabrics can break up the shape of a standard rectangular room so audiences see smooth, flowing shapes instead of straight lines.

This is one of the simplest (and more affordable) ways of completely transforming and “upgrading” your event venue.

Set the Mood with Lighting

Event lighting can set the mood for your event, and radically enhance the way your venue looks – but only if you get it right. And while most event planners are great at providing dynamic lighting to accompany music, performances or product launches, many overlook another type of lighting altogether – soft lighting.

Make soft lighting a part of your event lighting set up, then use it creatively to create a variety of looks that will dramatically enhance your event environment.

Inspire with Video Walls

Large video walls are a fantastic way to create dynamic backdrops that can transport your audience to anywhere you want them to be – at the beach, dining at a café in Paris, or adventuring in the great outdoors.

Depending on your budget, you can opt for lower cost video walls that comprise of multiple smaller displays (that can be artistically arranged to create a creative environment) or a magnificently large, beautiful video wall like this one:


Transport Audiences to Different Worlds with Virtual Reality

By including “virtual reality spaces” or activities, you don’t need a massive event space to show off your products, services or locations.

Invite your participants into a world with no limits, where they can experience what you have to offer in an incredibly realistic virtual world. (And with the help of some virtual reality headsets.)

Amaze with 3D Projection Mapping

Stun your crowds with the magic of 3D projection mapping - where you can bring a stage backdrop, a large wall, or even an entire building to life in music-thumping, three-dimensional splendour.

Kick off your event with this gorgeous technology and have everyone buzzing for days, or use it to close the event – signing off on a high note that your audience will remember for a long time.


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