We’ve shifted all our offices to co-working spaces! (Find out why, and how co-working spaces may work for you too.)

We’ve done it!  In true entrepreneurial spirit, we’ve moved all our offices to flexible co-working spaces – the domain of thriving start-ups and creative enterprises. 

Many people have asked us why we’ve chosen to do so. After all, they tell us, “PowerVote is an international organisation with industry presence in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, France, Singapore, Italy, Spain and Mexico.

So, why have you moved into office spaces that are synonymous with start-ups?” That’s a fantastic question. Here’s why.


At our core, beats the heart of a start-up enterprise

Friends who know us a little more intimately (perhaps we have worked together on an event before?), know that while PowerVote is an international brand, our local offices are made up of small, nimble teams that move with the swiftness of start-ups.  Why? Because that’s who we are.

Flexible, adaptable and on-the-ball, PowerVote teams around the world have complete autonomy to make decisions and do what’s best for clients and their upcoming events – while having the support of a global network and industry-leading event technology (with our event app and voting systems).  And flexible co-working spaces allow us to do this.


We can grow our capabilities, without growing costs

Our teams can expand or contract as often as needed, depending on our current projects.

If we need to work with specialists and experts for a few upcoming events, we can simply pull up a few more chairs and work alongside our extended team members – without growing our costs (or our clients’ budgets). 


We’re surrounded by potential partners, clients and experts

In co-working spaces, we’re often surrounded by the very people we like to work with – whether as partners or clients.  If a certain event requires graphic artists or illustrators with a flair for creating specific types of artwork, sometimes these talents may be just across the office.

Or, we might get to know someone who can give us the contact of an expert in an industry that we’re moving our next event into.  We’ve found that in co-working environments, there’s often someone, who knows someone, who knows someone – and being a part of the group is a definite advantage. 


It’s great to be part of a thriving work environment

While corporate offices can bring the benefits of familiarity and comfort into work environments, they can also be stifling for teams that need creative inspiration. 

Being a part of a dynamic environment with various companies, cultures, business objectives and working styles under one roof, is a refreshing change of pace that spurs the creative parts of our brains into overdrive – and helps us plan inspired solutions for our clients’ events. 


But wait, there’s more

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Other benefits we’ve gotten from being a part of a co-working space include:

  • Vibrant workspace design

  • Positive atmosphere

  • Useful networking events (organised by the venue owners)

  • Increased productivity

  • Zero hassles with utilities, services and cleaning (all handled by the venue owners)


That’s why

In a nutshell, that’s why we’ve moved our offices into co-working spaces. If you’re thinking about doing the same, we’d recommending giving it a try too – it could be the shot in the arm your business needs to get to the next level. 

If you’d like to chat with us on this subject, or anything event-related, drop us a note. Or subscribe to the PowerVote blog for more thoughts, trips and tricks to help you become an even better event planner. 


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