A Guide to Marketing Your Event to Millennials

Millennials are growing up, entering the workforce, and becoming the fastest-growing group of consumers around – with their newfound disposable income, and a young mindset that’s still focused more on enjoying the present, than saving for the future.

Whether you’re organising corporate events or parties, millennials are one group of target audience that you must sit up and take notice of today – and start moving your marketing efforts towards. Just how can you do so? These are some ways.

Social media

Your target market practically live their entire lives on social media, so this is where you need to be too. Learn about the different social media platforms, then adopt a unique strategy for each platform.

It’s crucial that you don’t get lazy and use a “one size fits all” social media marketing plan. If there’s one thing millennials can sniff out really well, it’s a lack of authenticity – especially on their home ground, social media.

Also, remember that social media is a two-way platform. Don’t use it simply to “push” promotions to your target audience – take the time to engage with your audience members and make them feel special, and they’ll repay you by being the first in line to purchase tickets to your event, when sales start.


sDepending on who you’re speaking to, emojis can be considered either “highly unprofessional, and a sign of an amateur marketer”, or “authentic, vibrant, and very conversational”.

In general, while older audiences still remember the “good old days” of plain text and prefer them in professional promotions, younger folks who have grown up with digital communication tend to be more accepting of emojis for casual conversation – at times, even preferring posts with emojis, as they feel more natural and authentic.  Use photos and videos (lots of them)You’ve heard of the saying, “a picture says a thousand words”.

Well, that’s true. And to millennials, a video is probably worth a hundred pictures.  So snap lots of photos and record information-filled videos when reaching out to millennials, and you should see a significant increase in your engagement levels with these groups of audiences.

Hire a millennial

If “bae” and “fleek” aren’t a part of your regular vocabulary, then you may wish to hire someone who’s more familiar with millennial speak to engage with them.

Know that it’s not just a vocabulary of “millennial words” that will impress them, but the knowledge that they’re speaking with someone who’s truly in their demographic, and who acts, talks, and lives like them. Hiring a millennial as part of your marketing and/or communications team will help, especially if they also mirror your target audience in many aspects of their lives (not just age).