Marketing Your Event to Millennials

As 2019 rolls along, the number of millennials attending events is increasing by the year. Soon, this ‘young generation’ could form the majority of attendees in your events. Do you have the knowhow to capture millennials’ attention and convince them to register for (or buy tickets to) your events?

What makes a ‘millennial’? 

First, let’s define just what a ‘millennial’ is.

There are several definitions of what age group millennials belong to, but it’s commonly accepted that millennials were born in the 90s or early 2000s. This means that today, most millennials are in their 20s.

But more importantly than their age, millennials’ personalities differ from previous generations. This first generation of ‘internet natives’ grew up with greater access to information than their predecessors, making them resourceful, worldly and inherently confident.

Strategies for marketing to millennials

  • Utilise their mobile phones: Smartphones are almost literally extensions of millennials’ minds and bodies. It’s their source of joy, entertainment and comfort, as well as a primary source of communication and connection. To engage this group of people, take advantage of the fact that every millennial will not only have a smartphone - but will be an expert at using it and adapting to technology in general.

    Before your event, consider running an event bot onto your event’s website to increase interaction with millennial web visitors. Your event bot can chat with these audiences, answer their questions and even encourage (and help) them to register for the event or conference. Talk about having an outstanding customer service officer and salesperson!

    Integrating an event app into your events is also a great idea. Gamify your events using the app and you’re sure to see a marked improvement in the event experience and satisfaction levels of your millennial audiences.

  • Leverage on social media marketing: We already know that millennials spend a lot of time on their mobile phones. Did you also know that a disproportionate amount of time is spent on social media? This is where your young adult audience members are sharing their lives, interacting with friends and taking in information about the world around them.

    Reach out to audiences on popular social media platforms - especially Instagram - using attractive photos and videos, witty captions and relatable hashtags to spread the word about your events. Further incentivise your social media followers by offering them good discounts and/or exclusive opportunities and offers at the event.

    Remember to also encourage interaction on your social media platforms. Invite followers to give their opinions on event-related matters, engage in various discussions and more. The more online chatter there is surrounding your event, the better!

  • Promote a bigger cause: If there’s one key differentiator that sets millennials apart from everyone else, it’s that this generation values causes than are bigger than themselves.

    Whether it’s a charitable, social or environmental cause, if your event waves the flag of a worthy cause, you’ll find more millennials who are inclined to join in and take a stand alongside you.

    Just make that your support for the cause is genuine and something your brand (and employees) can really get behind – because nothing says “insincere” like supporting a cause solely for marketing purposes!

Marketing to millennials is a worthwhile skill to pick up, as events and conferences continue to see a growing number of millennial participants. If you need help engaging and marketing to this audience, have a chat with your local Angage team – we’ll be happy to help with ideas, suggestions and innovative solutions.


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