Using Technology to Innovate Events and Improve Attendees’ Experiences

Tired of running the same, tired events that offer attendees more of what they’ve already experienced in previous years?

There are numerous ways you can spice up your events and improve attendees’ experiences, apart from brighter lights, bigger sound and more expensive acts. By leveraging on the right technology, you can create events and exhibitions that are more entertaining, engaging and fun for everyone involved.

What is the “attendee experience”?

Before we get started, it’s essential to clearly understand what this broad term of “attendee experience” means to you.

Simply put, the attendee experience comprises of all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that attendees experience throughout your event. They can be both positive and negative. For example, did attendees find value in the programme? Were they engaged by the environment, speakers and entertainment? Or were they frustrated while during the registration process, get bored at the agenda, or feel listless due to a lack of interaction throughout the day(s)?  Every aspect of the event – both good and bad – affect the attendee experience, and successful event planners understand the value of looking into every detail (and fine tuning them).


Technologies that can dramatically improve attendees’ experiences

As you’ve seen, brighter lights and bigger sound (or a more expensive event venue) can certainly enhance your event – but these factors won’t fix attendees’ negative experiences with long registration queues, a lack of engagement, or uninspired activities.

Instead, technology can not only eliminate these holes in your events, but also bring new levels of excitement and interaction to attendees who are hungry for new experiences.

  • Event Bot: An event chatbot can be your best customer service staff member, and an event attendees’ best friend – someone who’s always available to answer event-related questions, guiding attendees to the best resources, giving them dining recommendations (during event breaks), providing them with crucial event updates, and much more.

  • Event App: The simple-but-powerful event app gives you the opportunity to gamify their event and increase engagement levels, collect feedback instantaneously, and act as a hub for participants to access event materials, communicate with each other (or your event team), or more. 

  • Virtual Reality: Virtual reality booths are always a centre of attention at any event that has them. With VR technology, you can allow attendees to experience your event, products and services in a whole new world – a virtual world. And depending on the product/service demonstrated, it can be fun for spectators too!

  • Wearables: Currently, smartwatches rule the wearables category, and can be used for various purposes in your event – from making the registration and check-in process as quick as a simple tap, to pushing messages and communicating with participants.

  • Video Walls: Transform boring environments into giant, interactive displays with spectacular video walls that can display beautiful backdrops, event-related information, or be used as panels that participants can have fun interacting with.

Getting started with event technologyNeed a helping hand? Contact your local Angage team for advice on choosing technology that can take your events - and participants’ experiences - to the next level.


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