Event Technology that will Change Your Events, Forever

Since the advent of the smartphone, technology has dramatically changed the way we've lived and worked. And in the past few years, it's been radically changing the way event planners have been managing events.

And this disruption, brought about by technology, has been good news - but only for event planners who have kept up, and kept their events at the cutting edge.

These are some of our favourite event-related technologies that have changed the way we've run events (and could improve your events, engagement, and ROI too).


Event App

We absolutely love the small, lightweight, but immensely powerful mobile event app. For your event participants, it's a small and quick download from the iOS or Google Play store prior to the event. But it's during the event, that the app really shines - opening up a world of opportunities for engagement and interaction between participants and everything around them.

Participants can ask speakers questions through the app, participate in live polls, give live feedback to event organisers, chat with other participants, access presentation and event resources (such as PowerPoint presentations, maps, videos, etc.), participate in games and activities, and much more. 

All this, thanks to one easy-to-use app - and an event planner who knows how to utilise the app to maximise their event's potential. (If you don't know how to do so, don't worry, we can help with ideas and implementation.)


Event Bot

Customer service is a big part of any event, yet is an often overlooked aspect of it. After all, with dozens of items on our daily to-do lists, who can afford the time to chat with customers and answer their numerous questions?  We hear you. But ignoring potential (or existing) event participants isn't an answer. That's why we love the Event Bot. But what is an Event Bot?

It's a specialized chatbot that's also your best customer service employee - someone who works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, never puts potential customers on hold, responds to every question within seconds, and best of all… can be multiplied hundreds or even thousands of times.

For potential event participants, this means that they can hop onto their favourite chat platforms (Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Assistant, Twitter, etc.) and have their event-related queries answered in seconds - with no fuss.  But don't just take our word for it. Demo the Angage Event Bot for yourself, or chat with us for more information.


Voting System

Many successful event planners will tell you that one of the secrets to constantly improving the quality and satisfaction levels of your events, is to get quality feedback, then act on it.  The key here, is quality feedback. If you're still asking participants to respond to your questions by giving them a pencil and paper, it may be time to leverage on newer technology to get the job done.  Why? Because it's proven that event participants give their best and most honest feedback, when the feedback process is fast, simple, and timely.

And this is what a quality keypad voting system will deliver - an efficient way to not only gather feedback, but compile the results into an easy-to-understand report that can be used to improve future events.


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