What is an event technologist, and do you need one?

As event tech plays an increasingly important role in the success of events, event planners are finding themselves in a tech dilemma – with so much technology on the horizon, how can they keep up?

The answer could be as straightforward as hiring an event technologist.

What is an event technologist?

Before we get started, It’s important to know who an event technologist is, and what this person does. An event technologist is not an “IT guy”, nor is this person a walking encyclopedia of various event technologies.

A true event technologist is an events professional. This is someone who understands how events are run, and crucially, what’s important to event planners in this day and age. When engaging an event technologist, be sure that this person has an excellent understanding of:

  • Event planning

  • Event execution

  • Data collection

  • Data analysis

  • Preparing easy-to-understand, data-driven, post-event reports

  • Digital trends

  • Event technology

In essence, your event technologist should have strong knowledge in event execution, data and technology. Hire someone with the right skills, and this person should help you to:

  • Select the appropriate event tech for your upcoming event

  • Implement the chosen solutions seamlessly

  • Use event tech to collect data that’s important to you

  • Analyse the data, so you can use it to improve future events, lead generation and/or sales (i.e. whatever your event KPIs are)

  • Prepare data-driven reports that are easy for management to use. The data your event technologist helps you to prepare should contribute positively to your event ROI

Simply put, an event technologist leverages technology to collect and analyse data – assisting you with improving how your events are run – today and in the future. And if you’re interested in learning about innovative event solutions that can increase engagement at your events, collect data and improve ROI, chat with our friendly Angage team.

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