Boost Your Audience’s Event Experience By Giving Them a Voice

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Experienced event planners know that engaging audiences and creating incredible event experiences are the keys to any successful event. But with tight budgets and limited resources being a common factor in many events, how can you build event experiences that will wow audiences, affordably and without stressing your team?
The good news is that creating engaging experiences may not require big name speakers, fancy pyrotechnics or lavish décor – if you add a dash of creativity (and healthy dose of communication) to your event planning strategy.


1. Before the Event: Build a Buzz 
One of the quickest ways to get people invested in your event experience, is to get them talking about your event. And one of the quickest (and simplest) ways to do this is with effective social media marketing.
To do this, plan and create a series of content that you know prospective audiences will enjoy (and want to share with friends). By targeting the right audience, you won’t need a big advertising push or expensive marketing campaign to engage audiences – you can do so with a few in-house marketing staff and a collection of interesting photos, videos and posts.
If you have some budget to spare, consider enlisting influential figures to spread the word about your event. This may cost some money, but can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to get people talking about your upcoming event.


2. Before the Event: Spark Conversations
The more closely connected audiences are with your event, the better their event experience will be. So why not start the conversation even before the event takes place?
You can kickstart this conversation online – first, by engaging audiences who visit your website. (An event bot will work brilliantly for this purpose.) Also, you can connect with audiences via your social media platforms, as you encourage them to leave comments and questions (which a member of your team will then answer).
The important part of this equation is to make audiences feel like they (and what they have to say) are valued.


3. During the Event: Continue the Conversation
Conversations don’t start before the event, only to stop on day one of your event. In fact, this is where more conversations and connections are created – connections between audiences and the event management team, audiences and speakers, and even connections among audience members.
A fantastic tool for enabling conversations and building connections during events is an event mobile app. Event apps allow audiences to interact with presenters live, as on-stage demonstrations/presentations take place. These apps also give audience members the ability to speak with each other (if you allow them to do so) – transforming any event into a potentially powerful networking opportunity.


4. After the Event: Listen to Feedback
Post-event, it’s important to listen to what event attendees have to say about the event experience. Use this as an opportunity to improve, as well as another occasion to show your audiences just how much you care about their voice, thoughts and opinions.
If your audiences are already using an event app, they can easily provide their feedback via the app. Otherwise, a simple voting system can allow audiences to share their opinions in seconds (by simply keying in their feedback into an easy-to-use keypad).


More Ideas?
These are just a few ways that you can boost your event experience – simply, affordably and without tying your event team down too much extra work. Need more ideas? Feel free to speak to your local Angage consultant, we’ll be happy to help.