Chatbots that are Changing the World

The rise of big data and AI in recent years, has led to the development of one of the most useful yet underrated solutions in the business world, chatbots. These intelligent solutions work exactly as described – they’re bots that chat with prospects, customers, website visitors, etc.  One reason for their unnoticed rise to prominence is ironically, due to their effectiveness.

Modern chatbots are so well programmed that they give users a real sense of intelligence, and prospects/customers often think they’re talking to a real person – when actually, they may have been chatting with software.

These are just a few of the many chatbots that are changing the world, one conversation at a time.

The Social Chatbot

Few people relate Microsoft with chatbots, but the tech giant actually has one of the most advanced chatbots in the world. Xiaoice is only available on China’s social media platforms and is a social media star.

Xiaoice often engages with fans and followers, often unintendedly deceiving newer followers who are unaware that they are conversing with a chatbot. Xiaosice can even chat via phone calls, as shown in this impressive demonstration.

The Helpful Chatbots: Alexa and Siri

Siri may have been the first variation of a chatbot that had widespread market appeal – appearing on a whole range of Apple devices – but it was Alexa’s natural ability to converse with and help around the household, that really made people really sit up and take note of the important (and brilliance) of chatbots.

Both Alexa and Siri assist millions of users worldwide, turn on and off electrical appliances at home, play music, set up schedules, and more – through natural speech and conversation.

The Event Chatbot: Event Bot

Event managers across the globe share a common issue – having to spend too much time (and money) dealing with customer service. With events and conferences that may involve thousands of audience members from different countries, you can see how answering customer queries could quickly become a hassle for event teams.

The questions are usually similar in nature, but they have to be answered thousands of times. (After all, who reads the FAQ sections of event sites?) Angage’s Event Bot solves this issue by taking this element of customer service out of the event team’s hands. The highly personalised bot can answer any question that relates to your upcoming event, and is smart enough to recognise questions – even when prospects and customers ask questions in a conversational manner.

The Event Bot‘s intelligence means it can also handle other tasks, but the savings in manpower and customer service costs alone can make this a worthwhile investment for many event planners.