FAQ: Angage.audio

How does Angage.audio work?

All you need to set up an Angage audio conference is the dial-in number of your country and two unique codes – one code for the participants and one for the moderator. You can find the numbers and codes in the “Info Room” when you are logged-in on Angage.audio or you can find a list with all country numbers here.

To start a conference call as an organiser, you dial the respective number of your country and enter the moderator code followed by #. Now the audio conference room is open for participants to join. Your participants join the meeting by dialling the same number (if they are in the same country) and entering the participant code. Please share the number and participant code in advance with everyone who will join the meeting. The participant code is the same for every participant.

How much does it cost and how many people can participate?

The subscription for one audio licence is 29€ per month for max. 25 participants per call. This is the maximum default capacity for every conference call. If you wish to host more participants, please contact a sales representative.

What is the duration of a subscription?

The subscription for an audio licence lasts minimum 12 months. If you wish to cancel, please do so by postal mail (not email) 3 months before the anniversary date, otherwise the subscription continues for additional 12 months. For more detailed information, please refer to our terms & conditions.

Can my colleagues in other countries participate in the call?

Yes! If your colleagues are located in other countries, they need to dial-in the respective number of their country. Please find a list here. The participant code remains the same for every country and participant.

How do I share the participant code?

You can share the participant code via e-mail or a Google Calendar invitation. To do so, please log onto angage.audio (using your email and moderator code/password). In the section “Invitation” you can set the date, time, conference type and language. Then you can decide to share all information via a Google Calendar invitation or to send it via email with “Open as email” or “Copy mail”.

If you only want to share the dial-in number and the participant code, you can copy those from the “Info Room” page and forward them via your preferred tool (e.g. email, Slack, Skype Business, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc.)

What is the difference between the participant and moderator code?

The moderator code is for the person who is organising the conference call. This person needs to open the audio conference room by dialing the local conference call number followed by entering the moderator code. Only then the conference call is ready to start and can be joined by other people. Please keep in mind that the moderator code is not supposed to be shared with other people or participants.

The participant code is shared with everyone who is invited to join the audio call. This code is the same for every person who participates in the call. To join an audio conference, the participant dials the local conference call number followed by entering the participant code.

Can I change the moderator and/or participant code?

Yes, you can! Please log into your Angage.audio account (using your e-mail and moderator-code / password that you received via email). Please go to “Info Room”. There, you will find the moderator and participant codes. Please click on “change” next to the codes and confirm. The moderator can optionally change the participant code after each conference call if necessary.

If you changed the moderator code, please remember it because it is your password to log into your angage.audio account as well. If you changed the participant code, please remember to share the new code with everyone who will join the next conference call.

How can I mute the microphones of my participants?

Please log into Angage.audio with your credentials (that you received via email) and go to “Audio Control”. When there is a call going on you can see a slider below called “Mics”. When you switch the slider to the left (grey), all your participants’ microphones are muted.

Where can I find all local conference call numbers?

Please find a list of all local conference call numbers here. This list can also be found on the “Info Room” page when logged-in on angage.audio.

Can I change the music that is played on hold?

Yes! Please provide us with your preferred music in wav format and send it via e-mail to one of our sales representatives. As soon as it is implemented we will let you know. The music will be implemented per licence and is then automatically integrated for every call you make with this licence.

How to add participants?

To add participants, simply go to https://angage.audio/login in the Contacts section. You can add participants manually or by CSV import. It is also possible to delete all contacts at once if you want to add a whole new list.

How to activate/deactivate autorecord?

It is possible to deactivate the autorecord from the Info page of https://angage.audio. Likewise, you can decide whether to enable or disable the Audiowall depending on whether you want to add interactivity to your audio conference or not.