Reinvigorating Events with Extended Reality (XR)

In recent years, we’ve heard a lot about virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) – two technologies that are set to transform the way we interact with technology and run events.

But a new type of “reality” is coming over the horizon – extended reality, or “XR”.


What is extended reality? 

Technically, extended reality (XR) is a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. One way of thinking about extended reality (XR) is to imagine putting on a VR headset, moving your hands around and interacting with your environment in augmented reality. 


The advantages using XR in events

As the underlying technologies that make up XR continue to be improved every year, their practical applications become more exciting. By implementing XR in events, you can:

  • Dramatically improve engagement levels

  • Give audiences new, exciting experiences

  • Generate buzz around your event with social shares 

  • Create new levels of excitement and interaction

  • Showcase products and services in exciting new ways

  • Allow users to interact with your products and services with newfound realism


The disadvantages of XR

ust because XR is new and exciting, doesn’t mean that we’re going to sugar-coat the XR experience. You’ll want to take note of these potential downsides of using any XR extensively at your event:

  • Using headsets can be fatiguing to the eyes and brain, as VR headsets and AR glasses can cause eye strain and headaches if overused

  • XR devices are still considered as cutting-edge technology and can be costly to implement

  • If overused, XR could potentially reduce social interaction as audience members spend more time with technology than with the people around them


Reinvigorating events with XR

XR can absolutely reinvigorate aging events with tired formats by giving these events a new, technology-infused lease of life. Just be aware of how XR can be misused, avoid those pitfalls and leverage XR for all the benefits it can deliver to your event – and you’ll have crowds of enthusiastic audiences giving your next event rave reviews!


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