How Augmented Reality Can Spice Up Your Next Event

How Augmented Reality Can Spice Up Your Next Event

While augmented reality (AR) has been around for years, its applications have been sparse at best – with Pokemon GO arguably being the most successful demonstration of how AR can not only enhance an experience, but be at the centre of it.

As a technology, AR has a lot to offer. And with the iPhone X just around the corner, AR may soon get another boost to its small but growing popularity.

But why wait? You can use AR to enhance your events right now, and deliver unique, memorable experiences that audiences will always remember you (and your brand) for.  Need some ideas? Here are two really creative uses of AR in events.

Showcase Unique Projects

AR can be used to show off some pretty impressive demonstrations and projects, such as how Facebook showcased this AR art project – works of art that could not have otherwise been created, or appreciated by so many people, without the incredible versatility and ease-of-use of augmented reality.

Integrate it with Your Presentations

As a virtual reality (VR)-focused piece of hardware, demonstrating the Oculus Rift can be challenging. After all, the only person who experiences the truth depth of VR, is the person with the headset over his head – audiences are usually left staring at the presenter, trying to picture what’s going on in their minds. 

At the Oculus Connect 3 event though, Oculus took an interesting approach to “bringing audiences into the VR experience”. And they did it, with (more than) a little help from AR technology.

Gamify Your Event

AR has already proven its effectiveness and flexibility in gaming, so why not use it to gamify your event?  Think of the possibilities, you can challenge audiences to:

  • Find hidden treasures that only become visible with AR

  • Snap hilarious photos of AR treasures/creatures, interacting with real-life people who have no idea of what’s going on in the expanded AR world around them… or maybe they do?

  • Play AR-enabled games and earn points for their team at the event

Ultimately, AR is a tool that can leave a lasting impression on your event participants – and have them talking about your event long after its conclusion.

And by giving AR a shot before it gets incredibly popular, you’ll ride an even bigger wave of excitement when you get it right.


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