The 10-Minute DIY Hack for Engaging Meetings

Are your meetings getting predictable? Are your audiences appreciating the content of your meetings, but not the “one-way presentation” format?

You’re not alone.

Meeting organisers from across the globe have shared this common challenge with us – getting audiences engaged, without having to invest significant time or money into solutions for doing so.


Set up engaging meetings in 10 minutes

With this challenge in mind, we put our minds towards creating a solution that would connect meeting organisers with audiences easily, quickly and cost-effectively. After a significant amount of development, testing and fine tuning, was born. is a simple to use, do-it-yourself (DIY) engagement platform that meeting organisers can invite meeting participants to. The platform is an “only meeting spot”  or “digital room” for everyone to come together and interact on, while the meeting takes place.

While an session is active, meeting organisers can:

  • Answer participants’ questions, or direct these questions to the appropriate people (for example, a speaker or presenter at the meeting)

  • Gamify the meeting by awarding points for participation in various activities

  • Launch quizzes to increase interaction with participants, while keep audiences engaged with what’s happening at the meeting

  • Ask participants questions

  • Make announcements and share important information

Meanwhile, meeting participants are able to:

  • Ask questions at any time – these questions can be related to an ongoing presentation, a discussion that’s taking place, or simply general meeting-related queries

  • Post comments on anything related to the meeting, speakers or discussion topics

  • Participate in quizzes

  • Answer questions posed by either the meeting organiser or other participants

  • “Like” their favourite questions, answers or comments

  • Participate in any contests the meeting organiser has planned – earning points and climing a leaderboard (if the organiser has set up one in advance)

Speaking of setting things up, one of the best features of is its DIY simplicity. In fact, you can get set up a meeting room in 10 minutes – making even last-minute meetings easy to plan for. As a meeting organiser, all you need to do is to:

  • Create a meeting room (using your email address)

  • Share the “Live Code” with meeting participants

  • Type in any meeting-related information you want participants to see

  • Select the colour of your meeting room

  • Upload any branding (i.e. company logo, images) that you’d like to use in the meeting room

  • Enter any questions you want to ask participants (or you can do this live, during the meeting)

  • Set up your quiz or gamification options (or you can do this live, during the meeting)


Go for a trial run is so simple to use, we’re giving users access to free test runs. Just visit, create a meeting room, and experiment with the many customisation options you have at your disposal.

Or if you’d like someone to give you an overview of how to get started, contact an Angage representative and we’ll be happy to assist.

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