What does it take to be a professional event planner?

What does it take to be a professional event planner

Are you planning on joining the exciting world of events management?

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or potential mid-career switcher, getting an introduction into the thrills (and perils) that await you on this journey, is essential before you dive in.


Are you meticulous to a fault?
Do you take pride in ensuring that every last item in your shopping list has been checked off, before leaving the supermarket? Or making sure that all the items in your daily “To Do” list has been completed?

If so, you may have the “OCD-ness” in you to make the cut as a professional events planner.


Are you a good leader who can also fly solo?

To excel in the field of events management, you’ll need to be both an outstanding leader and team player to gather the support necessary to pull an event together. This means inspiring your team members to give their 100%, while working with clients to get the information (and budget) you need to execute a successful event. On the other hand, you’ll also need to be able to get things done yourself.

A lot of things. Tying up loose ends will quickly become your specialty, if it isn’t already. When time is tight and the success of entire event rests on your shoulders, sometimes you just need to handle the heavy lifting by yourself – and be happy doing so.


Are you creative?

Does your mind bubble with innovative ideas every time you encounter a problem? Do you have the creative juices to visualise an event that’s new, innovative and pushes boundaries, every single time?

We hope your answer is yes, because unless you have the luxury of having a Creative Director in your team – this is also your job.


Can you execute someone else’s creative vision? (Even when it isn’t always great.)

When clients or event hosts pour money into an event, they automatically have creative control. Sometimes, they’ll choose to outsource this to you.


At other times, your role is to execute their ideas – no questions asked. And whether or not your client’s creative ideas are stunningly brilliant, or not-quite-pitch-perfect, it’s your responsibility to bring it to life, successfully.


Can you work on a shoestring budget?

While pulling off a fantastic event with a generous budget may be worth celebrating, putting together an impressive show with a “barely there” budget is what you’ll be expected to do, most of the time.

It’s a tall challenge, but one that expert event planners relish. With some creativity, effort and learning from other successful event planners – you’ll be surprised at just how much you can accomplish, even on a shoestring budget.


Ready to take the plunge?

The life of an events professional is filled with challenge, excitement and fulfilment. If you’re ready to take the plunge, we’ll recommend it wholeheartedly.

As event planners ourselves, there’s no place we’d rather be, but right here – chugging away and piecing together world class events, each and every day.


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