You Know You’re an Event Planner When…

Event planners are an interesting bunch. We relish stressful situations, love to run around (even if we’re not given a clue as to where we’re supposed to run toward) and bask in the glory of putting on an event that few people will know we had any part in.

If you’re an event planner as well, you’ll surely recognise some of these quirky traits in yourself. (For everyone else, they’ll probably just have a good laugh!)


Spending a whole week in the office feels strange

During your busiest days, you can divide your time between half a dozen different locations – including your office, event site, client’s office, supplier’s warehouse, etc. So when things are so slow moving that you manage to spend a week in the office, it just feels… weird.


Your workspace is a battle zone of Post-It notes

While Evernote and other wonderful apps are pretty useful, nothing beats the ease and simplicity of penning down a reminder on a Post-It note and sticking it onto the edge of your monitor. And when the task is done, pulling off that note provides a pleasant satisfaction like no other.


You love your working shoes

Unlike most of your friends who may loathe putting on their stiff working attire and heavy leather shoes (or heels), you go to work in a comfy pair of walking shoes from a brand that you actually like. After all, as an event planner, you need to go places! (So you might as well get there in comfort.)


You’re an automation freak

While new event planners tend to stress themselves out trying to get everything done themselves, experienced hands have outsourced many of their everyday tasks to technology. From Excel sheets to mobile event apps, software services and everything in-between, if there’s a way to automate a process – an experienced event planner has probably already done it, or is going to give it a try.


You’ll eat anything

Not only will you eat just about anything, you’ll be just as happy having lunch from a plate, as you will from a napkin. After all, when an event’s going on, you’re stuck behind a console and your tummy’s rumbling, you’ll take whatever you’ve got (whether it’s nicely served, or stuffed into a paper bag).


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