How to Help Your Event Planner Work More Effectively

How to Help Your Event Planner Work More Effectively

A quick guide for professionals who have engaged event companies

As event planners, we know what we need to get an event executed well — delivering the results and returns on investment (ROI) that our clients want and deserve.

What we also know, is that the quality of execution is often dependent on the level of collaboration and support we receive from our clients. After all, it takes two to tango.

If you’re working at an organisation and would like to help your hired event company perform at their best, here’s how you can accelerate processes.

1. Collate information before sending it to your event planner

If you think dealing with colleagues’ emails is a pain in the rear end, think about how much tougher it is for your event planner to sort through your company’s internal memos and documents.

It’s always best to sort through all the relevant information at your end, tossing out old information, keeping spreadsheets updated and ensuring marketing materials and name lists are up-to- date — before sending the final (or as close to final) information over to your event planner.

2. Listen to ideas with an open mind

When it comes to organising your next event, it’s easy to fall into the trap of “It’s worked before, so let’s do it again.” After all, it’s far simpler to get an existing event theme/format approved, than a brand new one.

We understand that new ideas feel “risky” and “difficult to execute”. But do know they’re also important to participants who are always looking forward to something better, or at least newer, than what they’ve experienced last year.

Also, know that your event planner has probably seen and organised more events than you, and can provide valuable insight into what other players in your industry are doing.

3. Be reasonable with your budget

While it’s tempting to ask for discounts on everything, in an attempt to “get the best bang for your buck”, this is a short-term play that rarely works out well if you would like to keep an excellent event planner on for future events.

Your event planner has costs that their company will need to take on as well, and if your project turns into an unprofitable one — they may not answer your call, the next time you need them to pitch for an event project.

4. Keep your event planner away from internal disputes/politics

Your event planner is likely already navigating through forests and leaping over obstacles to get your event running professionally — don’t make them do a tightrope walk through thorny, politically-charged situations between differing individuals or departments in your organisation.

Focus on getting everyone on your team working toward a common goal, so your event planner can focus on what’s really important — the event.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll soon find yourself on your event planner’s list of favourite clients.

What this means is:

  • Better planned and executed events

  • More time dedicated to your projects

  • Possibly even discounts, because your event planner knows that working with you saves them time and energy

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