8 Innovative Ideas for Marketing Your Event

An event planner’s job doesn’t begin and end with event planning (despite the job title suggesting so). Half of your job – and some people might say, the more important half – is marketing your event and filling up the venue.

Not sure where to get started? Here are 8 innovative suggestions you can test out.

1. Email customers and previous attendees

Electronic direct mailers should be your first avenue for promotions. After all, assuming you’re sending these emails to your existing customers (or previous event attendees), you are reaching out to an audience that’s already excited and waiting for your next event to roll around.

2. Get on a podcast

Podcasts are the radio stations of 2019. Leverage on the popularity of this medium by getting an expert (who preferably also has an entertaining personality) on a popular podcast to speak about your event. A single episode can help you reach out to tens or even hundreds of thousands of potential attendees – maybe even millions.

3. Embrace the power of YouTube

Capture a more visually-inclined audience with YouTube. You can do so by creating your own YouTube channel or appearing as a guest in popular YouTubers’ videos. With YouTube Live, you can capture yet another demographic is viewers – a group that enjoys the live interaction of the platform.

4. Ride on the popularity of social media influencers

Depending on your event and target demographic, influencers could make a significant impact in your event marketing. The now infamous Fyre Festival is perhaps a perfect (although not-so-positive) example of how event organisers can seriously boost their event’s marketability with social media influencers.

5. Reach out with online advertisements

One of the simplest ways to have your event seen by many prospective attendees is through online advertising. Consider taking up banner advertisements on websites your prospects often visit, create social media ads, or go wide by advertising on Google’s search engine.

6. Work with other event planners

Collaboration can be a powerful tool for event planners. If your event is complementary with another reputable event, why not join forces and co-promote each other’s events? By combining resources, you can easily double your reach, without multiplying your costs or effort. It’s a win-win for everyone.

7. Inject urgency with scarcity

A secret that sales professionals always use, but seldom talk about, is how they use scarcity to convert prospects into customers (or in your case, event attendees). By offering limited-time offers or restricting the number of attendees, you too inject a sense of FOMO (i.e. fear of missing out) into prospects – and convert them into registered participants.

8. Attracts VIPs with exclusive content

If you’re specifically looking to fill your VIP section seats, consider adding exclusive sessions that they can participate in – preferably at an intimate level. These can include lunch sessions with key event speakers, gaining an audience with high level executives at your organisation, or other goodies that VIPs will value highly.

More ideas?

Would you like more creative ideas on marketing your event to prospective audiences – and getting them to say “yes”? Speak with your local Angage consultant today, we’ll be glad to help.

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