How AI is Transforming Events and Conferences

Rapid developments in artificial intelligence (AI) has seen the rise of new devices and services in recently years, especially in the space of personal assistants.  While once upon a time, Siri may have been a fun but troublesome way to search for information on the internet, today Apple’s AI is joined by Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant in helping millions of people around the world to turn on their lights, set alarm clocks, play songs and do many other things.

AI in the events industry

In the events industry, another form of AI is beginning to make waves – enhancing the event experience for prospects and participants, while saving event managers hundreds (or thousands) of hours that would otherwise have been spent on customer service.

Meet, the event chatbot. 

Chatbots are revolutionising the way event managers structure their teams and handle customer enquiries. Without this tireless digital assistant, small event teams in charge of large events, would have to hire and train large numbers of customer service staff – placing a strain on the team’s resources and inflating already-stretched budgets.

A smart chatbot (such as the Angage Event Bot) takes away these hassles. Placed on any event-related webpage, the chatbot takes the place of an entire customer service team. It’s intelligent enough to recognise natural speech, so prospects can type their questions in a natural way and receive natural-sounding responses. In fact, the best event chatbots are so good, prospects often believe they’re chatting with a real person – except this person is available 24/7, never takes breaks and doesn’t ask for overtime pay.

And chatbots like the Event Bot are useful for answering more than pre-registration enquiries. They can be used during the post-registration/pre-event phase of an event to give participants advise on the best hotels to book (if they’re flying in for an event or conference), allow them download the latest event itinerary, or even give them advice on what restaurants to dine at nearby.

Even during the event, chatbots can answer urgent questions that participants have – such as where the nearest restrooms are, where certain breakout rooms are located, what time the event doors open, and more.

Give it a try for free

If you’d like to test an event chatbot out for yourself, Angage is offering a free demo that you can check out before making a decision – a decision that could change the way you run events, for good.


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