Does the Coronavirus Spell Doom for Events and Meetings?

The virus has sent shockwaves across the globe, with entire countries running out of face masks and populations of the general public avoiding crowded places like events and conferences. And this is affecting businesses too, as employees are staying home at the slightest hint of a cold, cough or flu – resulting in many cancelled meetings during this period.

Does the coronavirus mean that events and meetings have to be shut down for the next few months, or do organisers have a solution?

Streaming events and web meetings

The solution is already in place. With streaming technology, you can keep your events and meetings running – without the need for people to gather at a physical location. All it takes is a little ingenuity and internet access.

Meetings are especially easy to arrange virtually with a conference call solution. Unlike traditional conference calls, modern solutions include video – which is very effective for sharing presentation slides, notes, work files, and for just viewing everyone in the room. This simple but effective setup can make out stationed employees (or those staying home because of a cold) feel like they’re a part of the team in the meeting room.

Event organisers can leverage on the same solution to organise web meetings, replacing the need for physical events. Doing so will not only make participants feel safer about attending your event (since they can attend it from the safety of their home) but can also open up your event to a new audience – including those who could not (or did not want to) travel to your event venue.

What’s important is reorganising the presentation of your event. so it’s suitable for home audiences. You can transform your event into a webinar, meeting or even consider creating a virtual event.

Test drive these solutions

While the coronavirus is likely to continue affecting the way we work for a few months (at least), the business must go on. As an innovative event planner or meeting organiser, you can take this opportunity to trial solutions that could replace your physical events and meetings – so that after the situation clears up, you’ll have more options at your disposal.

Visit our website to test out the Angage Conference Call solution for 15 days. If you’re looking for a simpler, do-it-yourself solution for increasing engagement at meetings, Angage could be just what you need. A free, DIY trial is also available.

For assistance or more information, speak to our friendly Angage team.

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