How You Can Maximise ROI with an Event App

How You Can Maximise ROI with an Event App

As an event planner, it can be tempting to spend your limited budget on expenses that you can shout about in your event promotions – such as a recognisable speaker, a popular performer, lights and effects, more food or decorations.

But if there’s one crucial item that event planners often overlook, it’s an event app.

Why? Because it’s often seen as an “expense” can be considered after everything else has been budgeted for. We’re here to debunk the myth that an event app is an expense, and are going to show you why not investing in an event app, could be a pricey mistake.


How an Event App Can Revolutionise Your Event
These are just some of the ways an event app can completely change your events – from the way you manage them, to what your audiences have to say about them.


No one enjoys queueing up for 45 minutes just to be registered for an event that they’ve already bought tickets to. Yet, this happens in many conferences and seminars.

By sending out a pre-event email and asking participants to download your event app, you can allow audiences to check themselves into an event when they reach the venue – reducing or eliminating the usual first day registration rush.

What does this mean for you? Besides happier event participants, it also means lower manpower requirements for registration and customer service – saving you money.


Event Materials
Planners who have organised large seminars or conferences will be familiar with the logistical hassles of printing and packing event materials. Especially in events with fluid participant numbers (i.e. event venues were suddenly expanded at the last minute to cater to more people, or events with large numbers of free ticket holders who may not show up),

it can be difficult to prepare an accurate number of event materials beforehand. Print too many, and you’ll be wasting precious budget on both printing and packaging your materials. Meanwhile, print too few, and you could have very disappointed participants who will hesitate to come back for future events.  All this can be solved by simply including all your event materials in an event app.

While this is a plus for you in terms of time, effort and money saved – it’s also great for event participants, who now have access to their materials digitally. What’s more, it also means that they wouldn’t need to queue up for event materials. And if they’d like to save it for future use, they can do so easily.

Event Information
Similarly, by including your event agenda, map, and other miscellaneous information in the app, participants can always be kept up to date with the latest happenings at the event – without needing to bother your customer service staff. (Once again, this means that you’ll need less trained customer service staff to answer questions at the event venue.)

And if there’s a last-minute change to the agenda, no problem. A quick update in the app, followed by a push notification, and all your participants will be in the know. No messy announcements needed over the venue’s speakers.


Did you also know that your event app can be used as a networking tool? By allowing participants to chat with one another using the app, participants can use the app for networking.  For participants, this can equate to opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, follow up on potential business opportunities, form post-event support groups, and much more. For event marketers, if your event is about building connections with others - this feature be an additional selling point that will convert interested prospects into paid ticket holders.


One App, Multiple Ways to Increase Event ROI
These are just a few ways that an event app can dramatically increase your event's return on investment (ROI) – by reducing costs and increasing profitability, while improving participants’ satisfaction levels with your event.

And we haven’t even discussed the possibilities your event app can bring you in terms of gamification, collecting feedback, and more.  Need help getting started with an event app? Contact your local Angage team for a free demo today!


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