Rudy tried for us the “modified LT1” weightless technology. An Indoor Wingsuit Flying Experience in Sweden!

A former military wind tunnel based in Stockholm, Sweden, the LT1 (National Aeronautical Research Institute’s Low-speed Tunnel 1) has been modified. The airflow is now redirected to let Wingsuiters fly for real in the tunnel! The flight itself take place in a spectacular glass pipe.

Here are the first Rudy’s sensations & comments:
“You start to fly in a new environment and have to learn from the beginning. The first 30 min you fly with a leash for safety and to understand how the airflow works. Then you fly on your own and work on the inputs to adjust your body position to control your movement” It’s an exceptional training tool as you receive immediate feedback. I went there to learn how to fly on my back, something I don’t do yet in the mountain environment. Stepping outside of my comfort zone open new dimensions of flying, that I will explore next season.”