Essential Apps for Event Planners: Keeping Calm, Organised and Sane

The life of an event planner is an exciting one.  But with a daily checklist of a few dozen “To Do” items, multiple vendors and contractors to speak to, projects to pitch for, and teams of in-house and contract staff to manage – how do successful event planners keep their head above water, thrive, and even manage to find “me time” to lead a fulfilling life?

With simple technology and life-changing apps to manage all areas of life, that’s how.

Evernote: Get organised

A must-have in any event organiser’s smartphone, Evernote is perhaps the best notetaking app in the market. This one app can easily replace hundreds of Post-It notes – and is a lot more convenient to carry around with you.

   Calm: Sooth your mind, body, and soul

Meditation has proven to lower stress levels, heighten awareness and focus, increase gratitude, and help people to live happier, healthier lives.

Calm contains a collection of guided meditation exercises that make it easy for anyone (especially beginners) to get into the habit of meditation, and stay motivated for months and even years.

Padlet: Teamwork, made easy

Event teams are often fluid, with team members and contractors working from different offices (and sometimes, different parts of the country) all working towards one goal – putting on the best show possible.  Padlet enables every member of the team to work independently, yet maintain a close-knit relationship with everyone else on the team.

This way, everyone knows the status of an event, and every aspect of it – without the need for frequent meetups, or constant phone calls and emails.

Dropbox: Access and sync your files from any device

With artwork files, Excel checklists, presentations, and hundreds of other files changing hands (and devices) throughout the course of every event, it can be difficult to keep track of it all.

And nothing’s worse than thinking you’ve completed all your work in the event hall… before realising that the seating plan was updated a day earlier (but one of your team members forgot to tell you about it).

With shared Dropbox folders, team members will always have access to the latest files and folders, because they can access the same files, at the same time, on different devices – thanks to the power of the cloud, and Dropbox’s convenience.

  PowerVote: An app that both event organisers and attendees love

Some of the most challenging elements of any event, are engaging your audience, collecting (timely) feedback, and making sense of all the data you’ve received.

With the PowerVote Event App, all these issues are taken care of – by the versatile app, and the expert team at PowerVote, who work with event planners to integrate the app into their event, gamify the event (if needed), collect feedback and other incredibly valuable data points, and generate post-event reports that will give event planners an in-depth look into every aspect of their event and participants.