How to Organise Your First Gamified Event

If you’ve been around the events industry in the past few years, you may have heard of the gamification revolution that’s been changing the landscape of events.

With gamification, suddenly even “boring” corporate events with lots of PowerPoint presentations, could be transformed into an engaging experience that participants would have fun at.

And if fear of the unknown is the only thing that’s stopping you from using gamification to spice up your next event, don’t worry - we’re here to help.

Here’s our quick-start guide to planning your first gamified event (and it’s a lot simpler than you may think). 

The first thing to do, is choose an event app. 

While the usual sequence of organising an event, is to plan out your key objectives, agenda, speakers, participants, activities and logistics – before selecting the technology to support everything – we highly recommend starting planning for your gamified event, by choosing your preferred event app. Here’s why.

A reputable event app provider won’t simply have you purchase the app, then figure out what to do with it yourself. After all, your event app is a service, not simply a product. 

For example, when our clients contact us about the PowerVote Event App, our local team will actively work with the client to figure out the best way to plan their event to maximise engagement, using the Event App

So if your entire event is taking place in a confined indoor space, we may decide to encourage engagement with games that encourage networking among participants, or interaction between audience members, and the emcee or presenters on stage. 

And if you have a larger space to work in, consisting of multiple ballrooms, or indoor and outdoor spaces, a photography contest or treasure hunt may be exciting ways of keeping your crowds’ energy levels high. 

In addition to brainstorming engaging activities with you, we’ll also help you to implement the gamification element into your event. And we’ll be there with you, on-site to ensure that all the technical details run according to plan. 

Then after your event, we’ll gather your participants’ feedback (and lots of other incredibly valuable event and participant data) and package it for you in a comprehensive yet easy-to-read report. 

This leaves you to do what you do best – running the rest of the event (which you already know how to do really well), and putting on an amazing show. 


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